A short woman whose eyes seem to challenge you when you meet them. Cute in a way, with a bobcut of brown hair and a button nose,but her sheer determenation and challenging stare makes you uneasy.


A short woman who looks to be in her mid-twenties. Hair cut short in a bob and brown like oak above a cherubs face. Her eyes are a glacial blue and seem to be trying to figure out what crime you have committed. She seems to be about five foot nothing and weighs weight about the same as a duck.

She is attired in a smart pant suit which while it does not detract from her figure, does not emphasis it. Strange for someone from the Spring Court.


Daisy came back from her Durance about two years ago. She doesn’t speak much about her past life, or indeed, much at all unless you are a client. She owns a small legal firm on Regent Street in West Nottingham which caters mostly to Changelings. If you have trouble with the law, no matter what Court, she is happy to take on your case for a fee. She is worth the price if previous client testimony is anything to go by. She also represents Changelings for free in Freehold related matters, no-one is quite sure why.

As for personal life, nobody seems to know if she has one. The office closes but where she goes during her free hours between work days, no-one can say.


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