Nottingham's Mask

Nottingham in this world is growing to be a better place, there are many opportunities for growth and happiness as changes come along. However we are not playing in this world’s Nottingham, we are in the World of Darkness. In case you do want to know about the real life Nottingham, here is a link to the Wikipedia page: Nottingham

Nottingham, England.

Nottingham is a city of history. Everyone has heard the story of Robin Hood up against King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham, or at least they have seen Men in Tights.

Nottinghamians are proud of their history, yet seem to ignoring their present. The city is decaying, the once proud old buildings being ignored and under matinenced. Despite this, no-one is rebuilding. They are instead sticking by the old buildings and their past as they fall into disrepair.

The future doesn’t seem much better for the children, with Nottingham public schools being rated amoung the lowest in the country leading to multiple closages. Private schools tend to rank higher which means your child can excel, if you can pay for it.

The foremost university in the city is the University of Nottingham, one of the few success stories in the education system of the city. It hosts a student radio show that has won awards for it’s broadcasting as well as hosting a popular theatre group.

Being the English gun crime capital, it has earned the nickname of “Shottingham”. Gangs roam the streets and are known to even take shots at officers. Due to this the Nottinghamshire Police Force wear high visability stab vests whenever they venture outside.

The tourism trade makes a living glossing over the darker aspects of the city, showing visitors Robin Hood themed attractions and boosting a popular nightlife. Nottingham features plenty of nightclubs and has a varied music scene. Plenty of venues are willing to give young up-and-comers a shot…for a fee of course.

There is one thing you can say about Nottingham: It’s a nice place to visit, by why would you want to live there?

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Nottingham's Mask

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